Benefits of Upgrading Home Windows

home windows

Sometimes, especially in challenging economic times like ours, it’s difficult to part with the money needed to do major home improvements like new windows. However, before you forget the notion of new windows altogether, take the time to consider all the benefits of upgraded windows. Some are obvious, but there are others that you might not have been aware of at all.

  •  Energy efficiency: If you currently have single-pane windows, and you choose to replace them with either double-pane or triple-pane versions, you can save from 20% to 30% on your utility bills or even more! This means that new windows can literally pay for themselves in no time at all.
  •  Rebates: It’s not a commonly known fact that utility companies often offer rebates to their customers who purchase new energy-efficient windows. Contact your local utility company to see if rebates apply in your area. The stores you purchase from may also offer rebates. If you take advantage of every rebate opportunity available to you, you can significantly reduce the cost of your new windows.
  •  Property value: Upgrading the windows in your home will increase your property value. Generally speaking, the better the window, the more your property value will increase.
  •  Curb appeal: It’s sometimes hard to imagine what a difference new windows can make in the appearance of your home. Whether you want to sell your house or keep it for many years to come, new windows will do wonders for your “curb appeal.”
  •  Go green: We’ve already mentioned how energy efficient double- and triple-pane windows are, but now look at the other side of that equation – these windows also save on natural gas if that’s how you heat your home, and that means lower greenhouse emissions!


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