Roofs Are Susceptible to Damage

We all know that a new roof is a costly investment. While there are definitely many important choices to make along the way – such as what your budget will be for the project, which contractor is right for you and what type of roofing material would be best for your home or business – there is another important consideration that should not be overlooked: make sure that the roofing material you choose comes with a good warranty and the roofing contractor you work with offers a warranty on services and workmanship as well.

The fact is that roofs are extremely susceptible to damage. As the part of your home or business that is most directly exposed to the elements, roofs can fall prey to all sorts of hazards – from wind storms to hail to rain and snow, etc. That’s why most roofing manufacturers include small print in their warranties that requires the business or homeowner to perform regular, routine maintenance in order for the warranty to be valid. Although it varies from one manufacturer to the next, many will require you to perform inspections at least once a year to look for and repair damaged areas, such as:

  • Flashing and sealing in valleys and junctions and around chimneys and skylights
  • Roofing material around drains, pipes and vents
  • Visible leaks and other damaged roofing material
  • Metal edging

Many manufacturers will also require that you remove debris from the top of your roof and keep your gutters and downspouts clean.

It’s a good idea to read the small print on your roofing warranty to make sure you follow all the maintenance procedures required to keep it valid. That’s the surest way to protect your roofing investment.


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